Open Letter to Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II

The KS/MO Dream Alliance has been working to defend undocumented students and families in Missouri since 2009. We thank those allies who stood with us today as we tried to voice our fears.
We were removed from the town hall, and therefore we are delivering the following open letter to Congressman Cleaver about our message today. As the representative said today, "Now is not the time to shut up."

Will you be the true leader Kansas City needs?

America has been through a lot the past couple of weeks. These are some visuals illustrating our resistance.

Kansas Missouri Dream Alliance has joined forces with local high schools in the Kansas City metro area to presented our newest program in efforts to educate young minds. The D2D program strives to encourage immigrant students to attend college after their high school days. With the help of our surrounding school districts we can provide awareness of the distortion and lack of communication of information given to our young immigrants seeking higher education after high school.

From An Ally To A Dreamer

An inspirational snip-bit from a self-proclaimed privileged American. Dustin Fish, KSMODA's guest contributor writes about the importance of the principles we have adopted from United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the United States, and proud affiliate of the Kansas Missouri Dream Alliance.

Know Your Rights

As of now, as DACAmented beneficiaries and undocumented immigrants, it is more important than ever to stay educated and aware of what may happen to us as we reach this year's presidential elections. Due to the devastating news given to us by the Supreme Court of the United States earlier this month, it is in our best interest to remain calm, but vigilant when it comes to openly demonstrating and discussing our own status in this country. The SCOTUS had a split decision sentiment regarding that of immigration change and improvement. As a result, we have provided further information on how we can go about continuing the fight in a safe, yet aggressive manner. This will help illustrate our distraught for the SCOTUS and their decision to overlook one of the biggest broken systems in this country.

Kansas & Missouri Dream Alliance

Our mission is to serve our communities by advocating higher education for immigrant and minority youth regardless of citizenship status. We work on improving access to higher education and creating equal opportunities by educating, engaging, and inspiring immigrant youth in Kansas and Missouri. We do this through hands-on leadership development, community organizing and advocacy. 

Students, Parents, and Educators:


Sometimes, everything and everyone around you will tell you that your educational goals cannot be achieved due to your citizenship status; however, with the right resources you can turn your goals into achievements. Whether you are a student, a parent or an educator the following link will lead you to resources such as scholarships and the process for applications.


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