Kansas & Missouri Dream Alliance

Our mission is to serve our communities by advocating higher education for immigrant and minority youth regardless of citizenship status. We work on improving access to higher education and creating equal opportunities by educating, engaging, and inspiring immigrant youth in Kansas and Missouri. We do this through hands-on leadership development, community organizing and advocacy. 

Students, Parents, and Educators:

Sometimes, everything and everyone around you will tell you that your educational goals cannot be achieved due to your citizenship status; however, with the right resources you can turn your goals into achievements. Whether you are a student, a parent or an educator the following link will lead you to resources such as scholarships and the process for applications.


Kansas Missouri Dream Alliance has joined forces with local high schools in the Kansas City metro area to presented our newest program in efforts to educate young minds. The D2D program strives to encourage immigrant students to attend college after their high school days. With the help of our surrounding school districts we can provide awareness of the distortion and lack of communication of information given to our young immigrants seeking higher education after high school.


KSMODA is committed to keeping our community supported and  informed. Learn about our events you can be a part of!

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