KSMODA Rises Up to Oppose Kris Kobach’s Governor Campaign.

Dear KSMODA Allies,

Kris Kobach has proven himself catastrophic to everything he touches, from his incompetence at his current job where he has cost Kansas taxpayers by attempting to enact unconstitutional reforms, to voting rights, to his failures in his former job of losing immigration related court cases and enacting unconstitutional state legislation and local policies at the tax payer’s dime in Kansas, and other states near you.
The time has come to stop entertaining the idea that this man is anything but a snake-oil salesman who has profited personally, while posturing himself as a constitutional legal scholar.  He has proven he is a one-man wrecking crew that will wreak havoc on our state.  His lack of respect for the constitution has reached a new low recently when he refused to uphold judicial rulings against him.  This either shows willful ignorance, or that he lacks the competence to hold elective office in any capacity, much less as governor.  
We know he will center his campaign on his same tired one-note tune that immigrants pose a threat to Kansas.  He claims that in-state tuition in Kansas for undocumented students who were raised in Kansas and graduated in Kansas is unconstitutional, yet is 0 for 2 in federal court cases that he tried and conveniently fails to mention on the campaign trail. 

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