Alex Martinez, Director

Fill in the blank: Organizing is... Necessary!

Favorite place to Travel: Chicago, even in cold winters, you will find me there. There is something about the city that draws me... cant stay away!

Life's Mantra: "I am who I serve"


Nubia Estefes, Treasurer

Where were you born: Born In Mazatlan, Sinaloa but raised in the Bay Area in CA

What grounds you: Humility. Being authentic, for my daughters.

Life's Mantra: " A cada rey se le llega su hora."


Ana Jimenez, Secretary/National Leadership Committee (NLC) Representative

Who inspires me:  My parents are my biggest inspiration. They came to this country with nothing and gave me everything. I admire their hard work and their family values. 

Where do you live now: Kansas City, Kansas

What grounds me: My community - witnessing the struggles that the immigrant community experiences first hand is humbling. I am reminded that we are stronger when we stick together and that in our eyes, eveything is possible. 


Diana Martinez, DACA Clinics Coordinator

Fill in the blank: Organizing is...  uplifting others so they can fight with you.

Favorite song: La llorona by Chavela Vargas

Who inspires me: The resilient families and individuals, who despite being constantly attacked, rise up and fight back.



Victor Morales, Social Media Coordinator

Which city were you born: I was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Fill in the blank: Organizing is... a passion for people, truth, and justice. It is about recognizing that we are all not free until everyone is free, and not giving up until we reach utopia.

What keeps you going: Thinking back about the way I felt growing up, I realized I went through most of my days feeling out-of-place. After moving to Kansas City, I realized I no longer wanted to feel that way and do something about it. I wanted to make sure people of color felt welcomed, support, and appreciated. This is when I realized I wanted to get more involved in the community and organizing. Thinking of a place where the dignity of every human being is celebrated keeps me going. In all honestly, organizing is where I found my home.


Raymond Rico, Immigration Attorney

Who inspires you: My heros are all undocumented. Working with immigrant youth both grounds me and keeps me going at the same time.

Fill in the blank: Organizing is... not about being beholden to political party or about fighting a singular policy battle, it is about fighting with/for your chosen brothers and sisters that you've come to love.

Favorite color: The color of flan when made to perfection.


Alex Perez, Events Coordinator/Mentor

Life's Mantra: "Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."

How do you imagine the future: I imagine the future will be a place where we better coexist. Our new generation gives me hope; witnessing social activism from our youth, and their level of acceptance and tolerance towards others, is something worth celebrating.

What keeps you going: Coffee, water, food, dogs, sunshine, and music, obvi.