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“Kris Kobach is Twisting The Truth About Undocumented Immigrants at Kansas Universities”

“Unemployment and under-employment of U.S.-born people is more complicated than assuming that every position held by an undocumented immigrant could be readily filled by a native-born person. This is especially true for seasonal labor and highly strenuous jobs that many Americans tend to shun.” - The Kansas City Star

“Kobach Blames Obama Administration for Border Crisis”

"I think that's absolutely the right choice because now we're sending the right message and these messages travel instantaneously and now these messages have gotten back to these Central American countries," - Fox News

“Immigration 101: Who is Kris Kobach”

“In 2016, Kobach helped ensure that the GOP platform contained support for a border wall and was part of Trump’s transition team. Once Trump was in office, Kobach helped craft the Muslim ban.” - America’s Voice