Scholarships & Resources for students

The listed links lead to scholarships available to DACA/Undocumented Students.

  • Educators for Fair Consideration have developed resources to help undocumented students across the United States find scholarships to pay for college. To access their website click here,  in this website you will find a list of available scholarships as well as application guides and resources. Scholarships for Undergraduate Students will lead you directly to this list. 
  • My (Un)documented Life: Contains up-to-date resources & information written by an undocumented student, with a robust scholarship section
  • 10,000 Degrees: A list of scholarships for undocumented students 

Here are some additional scholarships: 

Berea College provides full tuition for all of their admitted students, Berea college accepts DACA students. For more information visit Berea’s Tuition Promise Scholarship.