Passion Led Us Here

Oziel Pruneda


Something big is coming.

Since I joined KSMODA, I've been longing for a sense of community embracement. We love our community, don't we? We care about the lives of the people we're trying to improve, don't we? Did we forget what it is that KSMODA is trying to achieve in the long run? With lost battles and backs turned against us, it's easy to lose the motivation we once had. It's easy to gain a spark of motivation when something big is around the corner. In our case -- for what KSMODA represents -- there is always something big coming around the corner. For our friends and family affected by the contrary of what we believe and stand for, let's regain that motivation.

This article explains the reason behind a successful movement and outreach. Where's our excitement? It's stored deep in ourselves waiting for the next exciting and iconic thing to pop out of nowhere to exuberate that desperate sense of belongingness. As leaders, it's our responsibility to create the sense of belongingness for others. As leaders, it's our responsibility to create the awareness for cause and change. We don't wait for something bigger than ourselves to jump out in our faces to join in. We create that "bigger than ourselves" movement. We are leaders of our KC hispanic/latino community. We, as KSMODA, are responsible for the highs and lows of our KC hispanic/latino community. Think of yourselves as liaisons or ambassadors to the movement. Each and everyone of us has the power to connect and engage our community. Let's touch lives. Let's connect. Be the first to open up. Share what you're passionate for: What makes you tick?

Much love, as always,
Your most desperate dreamer